Cath Groome

Follicular lymphoma survivor

Discover how Cath is doing after picking up a Bourne Water Dragon leaflet while getting treatment.

Ian Stephenson

Prostate cancer survivor

Learn how Ian first discovered BWD and later became chairman.

Valerie Kelly

Everyone's story is different, yet we all have a common goal, to keep fit, keep smiling and carry on.

Peter Thorne

Breast cancer survivor

Peter is one of many men diagnosed with Breast cancer. You might think it's unusual, but here's his story.

David Buckland

David (Dave) is fortunate enough not to have had cancer, but he supports us in every way including becoming a coach and Level 2 Helm.

Jane & Roy Young

Breast cancer & Prostate cancer survivor (respectively)

Jane and Roy were both diagnosed with a form of cancer. Here's their story on why they joined BWD.

Bob King

Non-Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma survivor

Read about Bob's first time on the water with BWD.

Helen Steege

Breast cancer survivor

Read about the 'spark' Helen felt after discovering Bourne water dragons.

Cathy Hurst

Breast cancer survivor

Find out Cathy’s first reaction when she first got in a dragon boat.

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