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Jane & Roy Young

Jane & Roy here from the Bourne Water Dragons.

Jane was diagnosed with Breast cancer on 4th March 2008. Just a week away from a huge, planned "holiday of a lifetime", Jane and Roy were going on an OAP (Over-aged Person) gap year or pensioner's gap year. They had their caravan packed, and were off to Europe for a year.

Sadly it wasn't to be. Jane started chemo within a week of being diagnosed, followed by a mastectomy and a Diep flap reconstruction after that. She hasn't looked back since.

A year later, they decided they would give it another try and sail off into the sunset. This time, it was Roy's turn as he was unexpectedly diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Roy was given the option to have it removed or monitored. It was decided to have his prostate removed. After a time of healing, Roy has had no complaints and is living a full and active life.

Having both been diagnosed with cancer, they needed something to get them motivated again. They had no idea what Dragon Boating was, let alone that they had it here in the neighbourhood!

Bourne Water Dragons has given us a new lease of life; we so look forward to meeting up on a Sunday morning and getting out on our beautiful River Stour. It is so good for our health, both mental and physical.

They now have new friends, new adventures and lots of fun and laughter.

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