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Testimonial Image

Valerie Kelly

I feel privileged to have been involved with the emergence of Bourne Water Dragons and attended the 'naming ceremony' with Chinese people blessing our dragon boat, now called 'Dragon Fly.'

It was quite a spectacle with dancing dragons in vibrant colour and loud drumming, which brings me to Sandra, our resident drummer. She certainly gets us noticed when we paddle up and down the River Stour.

It is truly great to be a member of such a wonderful team of caring and inspiring people. I just love the banter as we proceed on our journey, and one or two poems have emerged as members observe antics in the boat.

The group are supportive but not intrusive. It is up to the individual if they want to discuss their cancer journey or not.

Everyone's story is different, yet we all have a common goal, to keep fit, keep smiling and carry on.

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